Hi, I'm Sarah - a 27 year-old Catholic optimist with passion for life, learning, and laughter. This blog is meant to be a creative outlet for me to share some musings and wanderings of my daily life ranging anywhere from documenting my travel experiences and adventures living in the New England area, to sharing delicious recipes, inspirations of faith, daily outfits, and other 'how-to's. 

Other than a tumblr and a few brief attempts to keep my family in the loop while I lived in London and Alaska, I'm pretty new to this whole 'blogging' thing. I am super excited to see how SimplySarah grows and to begin sharing myself in a new, fun and creative way. 

I love questions, constructive criticism, and making new friends, so don't hesitate to leave a comment or send a message my way!


*All non-banner photos on SimplySarah are my own unless otherwise stated. If you decide to share a photo, please credit appropriately.

DisclaimerI use ShopStyle affiliate links on some of the items I share. What this means is that I earn a few cents every time you click one of those links. Thanks so much for your support!


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