Started - 10/25/15 (officially)
Finished - 7/22/18 (hopefully)

1. Create my 101 in 1001 list
2. Go on another pilgrimage
3. Learn to play a song on the guitar
4. Pass comps
5. Graduate
6. Update my resume
7. Get a job
8. Go back to Alaska
9. Learn to cook 10 new recipes (8/10 - gnocchi, quinoa casserole, pad thai, ribs, chicken-kale soup, chicken parm, polenta shrimp, spaghetti squash)
10. Visit 3 new places (3/3 - Glass Beach, Jerusalem, Seattle)
11. 1 year healthy
12. Hike Half Dome
13. Run another 1/2 marathon
14. Full. Marathon.
15. Swim a mile
16. Blog consistently for 1 year
17. Visit a new country (Israel-Palestine)
18. Go on a retreat
19. No snooze button for 2 weeks
20. Take a photography class
21. Find a regular parish
22. Say a rosary every day for a month
23. Catherine of Siena Prayers
24. Learn about 10 new saints (5/10 - Frassati, Hedwig, Genevieve, Dymphna, Our Lady Undoer of Knots)
25. Don't kill the succulents for a year
26. Visit Yosemite
27. Visit Alcatraz
28. Go to Disneyland
29. Visit Lake Tahoe
30. Buy a new lip color and rock it (technically it was a gift, but I say it still counts)
31. Karaoke
32. Find a new spiritual director
33. Spend 4 months where I can only purchase things by thrifting
34. Post travel photos promised to friends
35. Complete 5 DIY projects (3/5, Advent Wreath, minky blankets, string cactus)
36. Read 100 books (25 from BBC list) (15/100 - 0/25)
37. Go to a concert
38. Go to a musical
39. Go to a Buckeye game
40. Completely unplug for one weekend
41. Treat yo' self to a massage
42. Visit NYC
43. Watch 10 of the movies people are shocked that I've never seen (0/10)
44. Bake a souffle
45. Learn to sew an article of clothing
46. Have a sister's weekend with Bethany
47. Pay for a stranger's coffee
48. Donate to 3 non-profits (2/3, Catholic Relief Services, Malta House)
49. Start an herb garden
50. Create a savings account
51. Sort out finances
52. Take a Pure Barre class
53. Go on an overnight backpacking trip
54. Host a dinner party
55. Closet purge.
56. Go to a murder mystery party
57. Send mom flowers just because
58. Send Bethany flowers just because
59. Send Grandma flowers just because
60. Go sky-diving
61. Subscribe to the New York Times
62. Find out my blood type
63. Put $10 into savings for every goal accomplished
64. Hang up crosses
65. Vote in a non-presidential election
66. Leave a 100% tip
67. Make a new friend
68. Send off a floating lantern
69. Reach 1000 Instagram followers
70. Host my own link-up
71. Go to a Wine & Canvas event
72. Send 50 pieces of snail mail (13/50)
73. Hike 10 new trails (7/10)
74. Try Ethiopian food
75. Learn to make a good smoothie
76. Spend one month dairy free (let's figure out this allergy!)
77. Attend daily mass for one month straight
78. Move into a new space
79. Organize my new space
80. Find a regular doctor
81. Go to Yoga to the People 10 times before moving (0/10)
82. Go to Cedar Point
83. Schedule a hair appointment ahead of time
84. Go strawberry picking
85. Make strawberry jam
86. Do all 30 days of the 30 Day Shred
87. Drink 8 glasses of water every day for 2 weeks
88. Go on a silent retreat
89. Build a sand castle
90. Write 100 blog posts
91. Get coffee with a blogging friend
92. Make a new, non-school related email address
93. Take a road trip
94. Go line dancing
95. Visit friends in Chicago
96. Purchase a new memory card and tripod for my camera
97. Purchase a day-pack/typical sized backpack for shorter hikes
98. Take a walk around Lake Merritt
99. Go to my 5 year college reunion
100. Purchase a classic trench coat
101. Learn to book bind

My hope is that by sharing them with you all, I will be held more accountable to actually finish them. Plus, who doesn't love crossing things off of a to-do list, amiright?

If you have any tips for how to best go about checking some off of the list or want to join in on the adventures just let me know!


linking up with Macy as a group of us move through our 101 in 1001! #my101in1001

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  1. I was just taking a peak at your list and you've accomplished #2! Wahoo :)