Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Goals

Holy moly, it's May already! The end of the school year is so close which is great in just about every way except for those final papers and projects just waiting to be finished...

I have a feeling this month will be just as full as the last, so I'm going to be realistic and do another round of short, but sweet goals. This way I can give myself some space to breathe as I prepare for whatever comes after graduation - Apparently I am finally learning the value of self-care. Who would have thought? ;)

Here are 5 things I hope to accomplish in May:

1) Pass comps - Last month we had our two days of written exams and this month we will defend what we wrote. My oral exam is on May 4th. Prayers are very much appreciated!

2) Write at least 5 posts and stay engaged with others - April's business really threw me off track with blogging, but hopefully I can get back into a groove this month.

3) Pack up and move - Where to? We shall see...

4) Complete the Mile-a-Day Challenge - My friends over at The Living Person have shared a challenge to run or walk at least one mile each day for the month of May. So far so good, but it is only the first haha. If you're interested, you can still sign up here. It's not too late and I'd be happy to be your accountability partner! Just let me know!

5) Write Letters - I hope to write letters or some sort of goodbye/thank you to some of the people who have been such an important part of my time at school. I would love to see them done before graduation, but even if I get them in the mail by the end of the month I'll consider this goal complete.

It's a short list, but still challenging and also quite exciting! I can't wait to see how it goes!


For those interested, here is a recap of last month's goals:

April Goal Recap

 Make it through written comps
Done! Made it through and feeling great! Now I just have to make it through my oral exam this week...

2) 8 Blog Posts and continued engagement
Fail. Epic fail. As you can see, I posted a whopping 2 times last month. I blame comps.

3) Go to daily mass at least 5 times 
I know I completed this goal, but can't remember the exact days the masses were which makes me feel like I should be more intentional about it next time and not include Tuesday school liturgies since I always go to those...

I actually did a lot better then I anticipated. It helps that I knew April was going to be a tough month from the get-go.


Did you set any goals this month? I'd love to hear about them!


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  1. Sounds like you rocked April goals out of the can do it for May too:)

  2. good luck posting more! I have faith in you!! haha

  3. Way to go with your April goals! I know I didn't blog nearly as much as I had hoped, either. Good luck with your comps!

    1. Thanks so much, Alyse! Hopefully May is a better blogging month for the both of us!
      Peace, Sarah

  4. Reading "pack up and move" on there so nonchalantly gave me some serious anxiety :) Best of luck to you in all of this, Sarah!

  5. I love the Mile-a-Day Challenge! That is such a great idea. Good luck. I'll be curious if you get hooked and continue it in future months too. :)

  6. I have been trying to get back to writing more letters too. It's a great time to pause from a busy day, light a yummy-smelling candle, sip some tea, write to a friend and say a little prayer for them while I seal the envelope.

  7. I like the fact that you don't know where you are moving....very wanderlust ;)

    -Bethany from

  8. I love the day of a mile a day challenge!! I hope your comps went well!

  9. I did a mile-per-day challenge about 18 months ago and loved it! I should really start it back up again. Thanks for linking up with One Little Word and congrats on all of your progress towards your goals!