Tuesday, February 9, 2016

5 Weekly Graces Vol. 16

Happy Mardi Gras, friends! I hope you are all enjoying this lovely Tuesday morning.

I feel like this week's graces are not as exciting as usual and seem a lot more mundane, which is sort of odd because I felt like last week was a really good week. I suppose it's the ordinary or routine things that often mean the most - especially when some of those routines will be ending with graduation...
1. Last First

Last Monday marked the beginning of our semesters and on Wednesdays I officially had my last first day of classes ever! Well, at least as a student... So far my courses seem incredible. I am taking two more practical courses, a very academically challenging course as well as a course focused on preparing me for comprehensive exams. In April. Too real.

2. Retreat

This weekend we held another weekend retreat for our immersion students preparing to go on trips in March for Spring Break. It was incredible! This may have been our best go around yet and the material and student participation flowed naturally and beautifully. I am so jazzed for this new cycle of immersions and to get to know my own immersion group more as we prepare for our time in East LA.

3. Mass of Gathering

Every semester my school holds a mass and dinner to gear up for the new start in the year and welcome new students. Friday was our "Mass of Gathering" for this spring and now that I'm thinking about it, it was my last. The MoG is always a beautiful celebration with a predictable homily from our Dean of Students mentioning either Bruce Springsteen, New York City, or both - it becomes endearing, I promise. After the dinner this year a couple of friends had a group of us over for drinks and it was a really lovely time. The past few weeks have been such a beautiful reminder of how many wonderful people I have met in my time here in Berkeley and the joy-filled friendships I have made.

4. No Fainting!

When meningitis shows up at your school and you begin to trend on Facebook, public health shows up and offers free vaccinations to students. Fun fact about me, I HATE shots. I don't hate them because they hurt or I'm afraid of needles, but whenever I get a shot or have blood drawn, the room goes blurry, my ears pop, sometimes my knees buckle and if they don't lay me down, I can faint. Yes, I am that girl. But as much as I hate shots, I sucked it up and went for the vaccine - you don't mess with meningitis. As luck would have it, there was a question on the form asking if you're prone to fainting and because I am, I was put in a different, shorter line so the hour-plus I would have had to wait turned into about 20 minutes! The doctor had me lay down to begin with and I stayed for ten minutes or so, had a muffin, took a photo in the photo booth they had set up at the end of the clinic (not kidding) and went home without passing out! Mission accomplished! As far as I know, 2 of the 3 cases that were known on Thursday are doing well, but please continue to keep our students in your thoughts and prayers.

5. Sunsets

Just thought I would conclude this week of grace with a couple of sunset photos from last week. There have been some absolutely gorgeous ones.

How have you been, friends? What graces have you recognized in your life lately?



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    1. The sky has been incredible lately! Thanks for reading!
      Peace, Sarah