Monday, January 25, 2016

5 Weekly Graces Vol. 14

Boy oh boy has is been a long (but beautiful) week. I feel terrible that all I've been sharing with y'all is the 5 Weekly Graces, but now that I am back in California, I promise there will be more diverse posts. Drafts of A Covergirl Make-Up Review, Gifts that Give Valentines Edition and a Jerusalem Travel Post are scheduled and ready to go and I'm working on a couple of other fun projects with some other blogs that I'm really excited about. Look out February, here I come!

For those who have continued to visit and read even with only the one post a week, thank you so so much. It means a ton!

And for those who are just stumbling across my little corner of the internet, welcome! On Mondays I like to share 5 graces or moments of joy from the previous week to remain focused on the good and begin each week on a positive note. It's a little like keeping a gratitude journal but limiting it to 5 items usually keeps me from sharing the more basic things like a good cup of coffee or fresh laundry - which are always good in my book, but would grow old to read about rather quickly.

1. Floating in the Dead Sea

I warned you last week that this would turn up again, so here it is.

I've got be honest, I originally did not want to go in with everyone else. I'm super uncomfortable being in a bathing suit and thus am not a big fan of beaches in general. But when you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go into the Dead Sea, you do it, insecurities and all.

It. was. amazing. Because there's so much salt in the water you cannot help but float and the buoyancy feels so cool! Just an FYI, the water tastes awful and a few of my classes learned the hard way that you should not go all the way under, but the sensation of floating is definitely worth the bad taste and slimy feeling. We had a lot of fun pretending to do synchronized swim routines and also trying a mud mask that the local skin care company shared with us - the same mud the Backstreet Boys used! Ha!

2. Home

After about 2 weeks in the Holy Land, it was time for our trip to come to an end and to head back to California. My heart is so full from this trip and I am slowly processing all that we saw and did while we were there. As always, it was the people I met more than the places I went that have left an imprint on my heart. I am happy to be back and able to slowly settle in before classes start next Monday.

3. Concerts

One of my housemates is in a band and played a show in the Mission (a neighborhood in San Francisco) on Thursday so all of the housemates that are back in the area went out to support him. I absolutely love live music and it was great to go out into the city, check out a new venue, drink some sangria and see a friend do something they are passionate about.

4. Mystery Solved

There's a building up the hill from my apartment with some pretty hard core corinthian columns. It's just far away that you can't really tell what it is and looks like it could be a part of a park or a fancy building for meetings, or maybe even a house. But because it's up the hill and tucked away, my old housemate (who was equally confused by this structure) and I never took the time to climb up the Berkeley hills and see what it was. So on Sunday when I had a very open afternoon, I decided it was time to solve the mystery and took a nice, long, steep walk in search of the columned building. Based on deduction and similar building patterns of some trellises connected to a private drive around the correct distance up, I am fairly certain the building is a home. Mystery solved. And if the owner just happens to stumble across this post, your home is lovely and please send a picture of the view - it must be breathtaking!

5. They Found It!

On the way home from Tel Aviv my backpack was lost and did not make it to JFK with the rest the group's which was a bummer, but honestly between being exhausted from the travel and my cold, it didn't really phase me too much. In fact, my classmates and then my housemates are still commenting on how calm I was through all of it. I just figured, I hear stories of it happening often enough and even with all of the flying I have done I have never lost a bag, so it was my turn. Freaking out won't bring it back sooner so I might as well enjoy not having to lug it around.

I will admit that after a few days with the airline having no knowledge of where it even was I did start to worry a little. So when I learned that it had taken a separate trip to Germany, I nearly squealed for joy that my pack had been found! It was delivered to my apartment late Saturday night and everything was intact and accounted for.

I hope all of your Mondays are off to incredible starts and the week is looking bright and full of potential!

Where did you find good last week?


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  1. Wow, this is amazing Sarah! I am so jealous of your travels - I have wanted to go to the Dead Sea for a while now. It looks like you rocked your bathing suit no matter how uncomfortable you were! So awesome. I hope your week is amazing!

    1. Thanks Alex! It was so much fun and being with great friends helped with feeling more comfortable! I hope your week(s) have been wonderful as well!
      Peace, Sarah

  2. Replies
    1. It was a blast! Thanks for reading!
      Peace, Sarah

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Dead Sea! This is so cool!

    1. I hope you get the chance someday Christine! It's incredible! Thanks for reading!
      Peace, Sarah

  4. I always imagined the Dead sea as a pristine, blue place. Thanks for sharing the reality. If I ever end up there, I shall not be doing a taste test.

    1. Haha yeah. Still absolutely beautiful and a lot more blue than I expected, but definitely don't dive in... Thanks for reading!
      Peace, Sarah