Sunday, December 20, 2015

5 Weekly Graces Vol. 9

Hello friends! I hope you all had incredible weekends and that this week is already looking amazing.

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Last week was a whirlwind of preparations for the end of the semester and the holidays. It was fairly stressful, but everything fell into place and now I am peacefully writing this post at my grandma's house, enjoying tiny bits of snow and lots of Christmas lights and decorations.

And now that I've had a moment to sit down, relax, and reflect on the week, I am so incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful things that happened and the amazing people I have in my life!

So, here they are, 5 wonderful moments in my life last week.

1. I'm home!

I arrived in Ohio on Wednesday evening and am thrilled to be back in town. I haven't been home since August, so it's been a while! I would definitely prefer more snow, but even just the crisp, winter air feels great. Plans for my visit seem to be a nice balance of fun and relaxation with some great friends and family, which has proven to be the case even in the 4 full days that I've been here.

 2. Finals are finished!

I wasn't officially done with everything when I flew home which means my first few days were devoted to writing. My carryon bag was literally filled with books which was a real treat to carry... But I am done! That's right, I am one semester closer to graduating and boy am I excited. Only one more semester and comprehensive exams. Bring. It. On.

3. Sister Time

My little sister was in NYC the first few days I was in town so I didn't see her until Saturday. As a souvenir, she thoughtfully went to St Patrick's Cathedral and to bring me some holy water - super sweet and kind. However, she did not realize that the bottle did not already have water inside and that she needed to fill it. So, when she handed me the empty bottle and I explained it to her that it was in fact empty, we spent a solid 20 minutes laughing. I'm still laughing a little as I type this. It's the thought that counts, right?

4. Google Hangouts 

My friends from college and I have a monthly Google Hangout where about 10 of us video chat for an hour or so about life and how we are doing. Modern technology is AMAZING! I've missed the past couple of months due to prior commitments, so it was a treat to get to join in on this month's. It will be even more of a treat on New Year's Eve when I get to see a lot of them face-to-face!

5. Joyous Reunions

Last, but certainly not least, on Saturday one of my best friends and mentors from undergrad hosted a party for his 35th birthday. The evening began with mass in the school chapel (my absolute favorite) and continued into one of the conference rooms for dinner and out for after-dinner drinks at our usual spot.

My heart was so full the entire night. Not only was I able to visit my alma mater (which was decorated for Christmas and covered in snow!!), but I also got to spend the evening surrounded by so many good friends and mentors who were all joined together to celebrate the life of one of the best people I know. I'm beaming with joy just thinking about it!

Such a beautiful start to Christmas vacation. I cannot wait to see what else the next two weeks have in store!

Where did you find grace last week?


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  1. I found grace last week in letting go a loved one's rude comment that could have brought me down and ruined my day. Instead, I shed a bit of grace and let it roll off, understanding why she said what she said - her stress level has been out of control. Enjoyed reading this from ember grey's link up. Merry Christmas to you.

    1. What a beautiful, understanding grace Michelle. Thank you for sharing :)
      Peace, Sarah

  2. The story about Saint Patrick's is so sweet! Haha - definitely the thought that counts!

    1. Definitely! And now I have a bottle to fill with holy water from home :)
      Peace, Sarah

  3. I found Grace last week while dealing with a family members passing. I am so thankful for grace.

    1. So sorry to hear about your loss, Amanda. I'm so happy you found grace in such a hard moment. Many prayers.
      Peace, Sarah