Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing all of the creativity people put into their costumes and all of the peanuts dressed as pumpkins! And if there is a pun involved in your costume, chances are I will love it 10x more.

So far my favorite costume this year is the little boy who dressed up as the pope causing the president to double over in laughter. Too cute.

My house throws a Halloween Party for our school each year which is a ton of fun and usually concludes with an epic dance party.

My first year I made an R2D-tutu costume (I told you I love the puns) and last year our house decided to all be Peanut's characters (I'm Snoopy).

I prefer costumes that don't require many resources outside of things I already own. I think the tutu is the only thing I've had to purchase material for in the past 5 years or so of Halloweens.

This year, the four of us are going as the four seasons (of the year, not the band) and I am winter. I'm working on a snowman costume right now, so we will see how it goes. If plans fall through, I might just layer up in hats, gloves, sweaters and scarves...

What are you dressing as this year?


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