Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Simple Thoughts vol. 4

Sorry for the delay in posting this week's Simple Thoughts. I actually had the draft typed and ready to go early (what what!), but the internet decided not to work after a thunderstorm yesterday and thus I could not post. All is well though, I read a good, old-fashioned book and relaxed rather than let the lack of wifi get me down. Y'all should try it. It was great :)

On another note, this is my 50th post on SimplySarah! Thanks so much for reading. It means a lot to see a steady flow of readers that is continually growing! You are the best!

My host family had a dinner party on Saturday for a group of about 20 people, so instead of going away for the weekend I decided to stay close to Chiavari to help out with the preparations and just do a day trip on Sunday. Lucky for me, Portofino is only 3 train stops (15 min) away! 

Helloooo Sunday. Gotta love living in the Italian Riviera, amiright?

This is officially my last week working as an au pair. I cannot believe it. It honestly feels like I just arrived in Italy and I will be very sad to say goodbye. I do have a little time to myself in Europe before returning home to the States, which is nice. A trip to Poland to visit where my late grandfather’s family was from sounds like a plan to me. Bring on the pierogies.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a capsule wardrobe for about a year or so now but can’t bring myself to take the plunge. (For this you’re all shocked, I know.)  Easing my way into it with a vacation capsule might do the trick. Thanks for sharing Kimi!

Many of my friends know of my love for Mindy Kaling. I obsessively watch The Mindy Project, I’ve read her first book and will definitely be buying the second. Thus, it came as no surprise when a friend shared with me her recent “Guide to KillerConfidence” article (/book excerpt) from Glamour. As expected, it is excellent. If there is only one time you ever follow my advice and read something, this should be it. Trust me.

Um, how delicious does this pizza look?! My obsession with fruit can be paired with my love of pizza outside of the usual Hawaiian style! A big thanks to A Beautiful Mess for this realization!

Speaking of fruit, living in Italy has definitely reminded me of my love for tomatoes. Since moving away from home (aka my grandma's garden), I haven't eaten nearly as many of those red beauties as I used to. Once I'm back in the states that will be changing my friends. And it may have to start with these Pesto-Parmesan Baked Tomatoes from Skinny Taste.

Not a recipe per se, but I've also discovered a love of figs this summer. I've had FigNewtons before and never minded them, but had never eaten an actual fig until recently. So good. So so good.

Loft is having a "Buy One, Get One 50% Off" sale on sweaters and tops. I'm loving this marled high-low sweater (so many colors!) and this striped "coatigan" (yes, the name does make me love it more...) And if the BOGO doesn't tickle your fancy, just take a look at their clearance section in general which is an extra 40% off!! Such great options from this shirtdress to these sandals.

Loving the colors and pattern of this dress. Toss on a cardigan or jean jacket and it can easily transition into fall.

Mary Jane's are my favorite style of shoe. So classic, so classy. These red ones are perfect!

Anthropologie's jewelry section is usually hit or miss with me (often due to the pricing). These earrings are definitely a hit for me!

Happy Tuesday!


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