Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Countdown vol. 1

Combining a love for fashion with a grad student budget is no bueno. But if there is something I have learned from a lot of the blogs that I follow (and from my mother's bargain-finding-shopping-super-powers), it is that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to be fashionable.

Are there some staple pieces you should consider investing in? Certainly. But you don't have to shell out mountains of cash on everything you wear. 

In addition to my usual "Save or Splurge" fashion posts I am beginning a new thread of pages sharing a series of five items with prices in the 50s, 40s, 30s, 20s and 10s - hence titling it "The Countdown". I will definitely continue on with "Save or Splurge" if I'm loving something that is trending, but this way I am can share what clothes I'm loving without having to seek out a particular fad.

And so, without further ado: 

5. As you may have noticed from many of my photos, I wear my cognac sandals from Target all the time (exhibits a and b). I only bought them this spring and they're already falling to pieces so I am in the market for a new, perhaps slightly higher quality, pair of sandals. These lovelies may just do the trick...

4. Now that I'm a grown-up (ha) balancing work and grad school, I am always on the look out for a versatile bag that will work as a backpack, briefcase, and purse. I have been using a large brown and pink reversible tote from Old Navy which is quite similar to this tote from Nordstrom. It looks to be a good size to fit all of the work and school necessities.

3. I received this Gorjana bracelet in a RocksBox in April and instantly fell in love with the brand. Their pieces are very simple and delicate which is the type of jewelry I've found myself most drawn to lately. This necklace would add a soft touch of glam to outfits for any occasion. (Plus it comes in 3 colors!)

2. Why not try swapping out your everyday diamond studs for a unique pair of rockin' earrings?

1. Probably my favorite item of this countdown is the blue dress from H&M. I mean, who can beat a versatile dress for only $10?! It also comes in olive green! My only question would be how long it is as H&M doesn't always work with my height (5' 8"). I might just have to test it out and see...

I hope you enjoyed the very first countdown. Any thoughts or suggestions? As always, feel free to comment!



  1. Sorry, had to delete my earlier comment (typo!) ... I'm 5'10 so I'm very interested in seeing how that H&M dress works out for you!

    1. Thanks for commenting! I stopped by the H&M here to try the dress, but they didn't seem to have it. Maybe next time!
      Peace, Sarah