Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm finally settling into my Italian home for the summer and have been shamelessly browsing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and thought I would share some pieces that grabbed my attention. This sale is probably my favorite of the year because it includes so much fall clothing!

I'm sitting here in the beautiful, Italian summer and Nordstrom has me aching for the Ohio fall. Oy. I can't help it though, I am a sucker for all things autumn - pumpkins, hay rides, colorful leaves, the smell of fall, etc. It's also my favorite season for clothing - riding boots, booties, oversized sweaters, plaid... did I mention boots?

Anyway, back to the sale. Here is an outfit I put together with some of the pieces offered. It's fairly casual, but still fashionable (in my opinion).

A good quality plaid shirt is a must for fall. You can dress it up with a pencil skirt and pumps, or wear it casually with some skinny jeans and booties. I especially love the cool colors of this one since most of my plaid is in the warmer color pallet. Throw on an oversized cardigan if it's chilly, plus some golden accessories and you are good to go. The pumps with the jeans would also be a nice, feminine touch, especially for a date night.

In addition to what is pictured, I'm also in love with these scalloped flats in teal, this dress and this jacket.

Decisions, decisions... We still have some time though. The sale is currently only open to Nordstrom members right now (which I am not), but will open to everyone on July 17-August 2. But act quickly as many things are already low in sizes!

And now I'm trying to develop a plan of how to have it delivered in the US without sitting at my front door for a month...

Gotta love a good sale! What are some things that caught your eye this time around?


(The images below are links to the items from my collage. I couldn't get the boots to show in the correct color and many of the items are available in multiple colors!)

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