Thursday, July 30, 2015

July Budget

When I first started following blogs on the regular, I was in search of sites that shared fashionable looks at a budget-friendly prices. Through various web searches, I eventually stumbled upon Franish and her "Monthly Budget Link-Up".

This link-up was one of those threads that I made note of as a “definite” for when I began my own blog. And now, 4 months into blogging, I am finally joining in on the fun.

After thinking long and hard about a reasonable budget and keeping in mind what I typically spend on clothes each month, I have decided to allow myself $100-150 per month on clothing and accessories. 

I fully anticipate that there will be months where extra funds roll over, as well as months where I go over budget (as you will see here in a moment with July…) but hopefully participating in this link-up will help to make me more aware of my purchases and mindful of what I buy.

And so, here is my very first Monthly Budget Link-Up.


I purchased a few new pieces of jewelry to add a little more spice to my wardrobe beyond funky earrings from travels. I’m excited to see them in person and choose my favorite(s).


Oxblood, wine, whatever you want to call it, this red is my favorite fall shade and may even be my favorite color (don't tell orange). Thus, a wine colored purse screamed my name for fall. The vegan leather tote has mixed reviews of an odd smell (fingers crossed nooo), but many notes on how cute it is and how it fits a laptop for school or work. I figured I'd give it a go.


$12 for a striped shirt in a color I don’t often find but love? Sure I’ll try it out. I’m also hoping this plaid shirt in cool tones will be a keeper. We will have to see how it looks layered with the grey cardigan as mine is 8 years old and also falling to bits…


The purchase I am most excited about. My favorite teal flats from Target are literally falling apart so I am hoping these beauties will be able to take their place. Almost $70 for a pair of flats is still steep for my budget, but when you compare them to these, $70 doesn’t seem that bad after all…

Not Pictured:
While in Spain and Italy, I have also purchased an Ignatian Camino T-Shirt (10 euro) and a beach cover-up/skirt (14 euro) which comes to about $26.40 with the conversion rate.

Total: $383.39

Aaaand already I am waaaay over budget. Oy. 

To be fair, July is my birthday month, so I was generously gifted money specifically for shopping from multiple family members.

I blame the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for this one. Please notice that every item pictured is from the sale...

I have a feeling that at least 3 of the items will be returned once I can actually see them at the end of August. I know for a fact I will not keep everything I bought. If I'm online shopping and there are free returns I often spend more than budgeted just so I can try more on as I would in a store. So, even though my heart races every time I say that total number, I know that it will come down substantially once I'm back in the States and can take a closer look. 

For instance, I purchased multiple pieces of jewelry with the intent of choosing my favorite one or two pieces and returning the others. There's no way I could spend $100 on jewelry at one sale. My wallet would combust.

 And after reading reviews, the striped top is likely to be too tight in the arms which is a no-go for me, but we’ll just have to wait and see… 

What did your shopping basket look like this month? Did you practice more self control at the Anniversary Sale than I did? 


Linking up with Franish.


  1. I went a bit overboard this month too, but the #nsale was the main reason. I bought two of the street level vegan totes (black and cognac), some makeup, and a sheath dress for work. My shopping happens in fits and spurts, so going overboard one month balances out the months where I don't do much shopping. ❤

    1. Ooo, it sounds like you did well with the NSale! I also tend to shop in spurts, so I'm not super worried. Thanks for reading!
      Peace, Sarah

  2. Congrats on making it through your first monthly budget. Believe me, July is the hardest month to start. When I joined Budgeting Bloggers last year, it was also July, and I totally blew my budget out of the water.

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! Maybe I should have chosen a different month to start... Thanks for reading!
      Peace, Sarah

  3. Welcome to the linkup!! July is always a tough budgeting month - way too many good sales. I have a different bag from the same vegan leather line, and the smell was funky at first, but dissipated almost instantly!

    1. Thanks for the welcome! Glad to hear the smell on the bags goes away! I was hoping that was the case. Thanks for reading!
      Peace, Sarah

  4. Yep, I went overboard with the N Sale too! I also ended up returning three items, leaving me still over budget, but not quite as terribly. I tried on the striped top in a different color and it was definitely too tight in the arms but with plenty of room in the body. I thought it was just because I'm built with larger arms in proportion to my body, but it did seem kind of extreme, like I could've sized down in the body and sized up in the arms. So maybe that's just how it runs.

    1. Hmmm, that is what I feared about that shirt. I will try it on once I'm home, but I'm 99% sure it will be a no-go. Bummer. Thanks for the help!
      Peace, Sarah