Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Simple Thoughts vol. 1

Happy Tuesday everyone! We’re nearly through the hardest day of the week and can keep pushing on until it’s the weekend again – one day at a time…

I’ve been brainstorming some blogging ideas while the little one naps in the afternoon and have decided to begin a sort of weekly round-up of thoughts and interests that accumulate throughout the week and weekend. (Normally I plan to post these on Monday, but Ema did not want to sleep yesterday. What can you do?)
As many of you know, I am spending the summer as an au pair for a family in Italy (near Genoa). I’m entering into my second week of the job and wanted to share a few random facts I’ve gathered along the way:
1)  On Friday, my host mom was showing the babe a few YouTube videos of Italian children songs. As one began, she said, “this one is from when I was young”. The music sounded familiar and then it hit me! It was the chicken dance! I immediately started doing the dance (which I don’t think is Italian…) and explaining that it was a song we dance to at parties and weddings without lyrics. And so, the chicken dance is Italian! Maybe I am the only person who didn’t know this, but I am still so amused. (Here's the video they showed me.)
2)    You know that delicious Italian appetizer of bread and tomatoes "bruschetta" that we pronounce with a "sh" sound? Well guys, in typical American fashion, we are saying it wrong… The “ch” in Italian makes a hard "k" sound meaning it should sound sort of like "brusketta". My hosts have been teasing me about that one… Thanks, English.
3)    Italians (and Spaniards) don’t really use air conditioning. Ever. It’s definitely a rough transition, especially in 32 degree celsius/ 90 degree fahrenheit weather #sweatygirlprobs

In other news, in order to avoid gaining 500 pounds from all of the pizza, pasta and gelato, I am resorting to the 30 Day Shred. I’m on day 5, I’ll let you know how that goes. (Hey, it was either start working out regularly or stop eating the pasta. What would you do?)

We spent this past weekend hiking around Santo Stefano d’Aveto, which was an adorable little town about an hour into the mountains from where I’m staying. The weather was gorgeous and the views were breathtaking. I’ll be sharing a full post about it fairly soon, so keep a look out!

This coming weekend I’m going to take the train to Cinque Terre (less than an hour away, what?!) which has been on my travel bucket list for ages. I’m still gathering ideas of what to do while I’m there, so if you’ve been I would love any advice you have to share!
If you don't read Jessica's "Weekend Guide" over on Bedknobs and Baubles, you're surely missing out. This week's included an article about why we still love Gilmore Girls which definitely hit home!

Roxi from Golden Polkadots just shared the third part of her "Meet Another Blogger" series! I am still so honored to have been asked to participate (you can read her interview with me here) and am loving getting to know other bloggers I had not yet stumbled upon!

You are what you Tweet... "What My Landlord Leaned About Me From Twitter". A reminder that social media can impact your daily interactions whether you like it or not.
Apparently I have a sweet tooth this week because the recipes I have gathered are all desserts… Sorry I’m not sorry?

How delicious do these Vegan Chocolate Turtles look?! Fork-and-Beans is one of my absolute favorite food blogs. Cara shares so many delicious allergen friendly foods and I always love trying them out!

I literally cannot read Strum-Simmer-Sip’s “Food LinkFriday” without book-marking recipes to try. Last week Lisa shared these S’mores Cookies from The Kittchen which look to be a delicious take on the summer bonfire classic.

And last, but certainly not least, a recipe for the Girl Scout classic: Samoas Cookies (you know, for when you finish your last box and have to wait for the sales to begin again…)
Let’s start with the obvious: Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, which is open to the public until Aug 2nd. Many items are already sold out, so act fast if something catches your eye. Nordstrom has speedy shipping and free returns, so if it doesn’t end up suiting you, you’re not stuck! I ended up using some birthday money to splurge and purchase these turquoise flats and I can’t wait to see them! 

Loft is having a 70% off of sale items today until 3am EST with the code: hotstuff ! I'm loving the color of this dress and the pattern of this top!
Even with the great sale, some of the Nordstrom goodies are WAY beyond my price range. However if I had a million dollars (cue music), I would definitely purchase:
1) The perfect pair of fall boots
2) Some beautiful and unique gold stack rings.
3) This classic dress with an interesting and unique print. It's anything but square! (See what I did there?) I'm loving the green color! Gorgeous!

Here’s to winning the lottery someday…

Thanks for reading!



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