Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Weekend in Santo Stefano

Last weekend, my Italian family took me to their flat in Santo Stefano d'Aveto for a weekend getaway. Santo Stefano is about an hour drive from their home and the whole way is through the mountains. It was glorious!

Santo Stefano is an adorable little town of only around 1,200 people. It looks like something straight out of a story book with it's cobblestone roads lined with bakeries and pastry shops.

I tend to prefer visiting smaller towns when I travel because a) I'm an introverted, country kinda gal and b) I find them so much more authentic. I am all for getting out of the tourist traps and diving into the culture of a country! That being said, there is definitely culture and beautiful experiences to have in big cities. I'm just the type of person who needs a break from large crowds after a few days of hustle and bustle.

On Sunday morning, we went hiking to Mt. Penna - only about 45 minutes to the top! The trail was mostly wooded (which was fine by me in this summer heat) and the view from the top was magnificent. My host dad said that you could see all the way to the Mediterranean if it were a clearer day! Still, even with the clouds, the view made all the sweat and soreness worth it!

I'm always fascinated when I see statues, chapels, etc. on the top of mountains. Kudos to whoever had the patience and strength to get them their. I definitely couldn't do it!

 My family for the summer :)

After the hike, we headed to meet all of the grandparents for lunch in a cute little restaurant in the mountains where I tried my first polenta with mushrooms - delicious.

Our next stop was the local water mill for some fresh made flour. The mill had a "lab" going for children to see how flour is made, so I was fortunate enough to catch a sneak peak as well (which is great if you're a nerd like me who loves to learn how things work and are made).

All in all, it was an incredibly beautiful weekend in the mountains with my family for the summer. Santo Stefano might not be your typical travel destination, but if you ever get the chance and are a fan of adorable little towns and great hiking (or skiing in the winter), I highly recommend it!



  1. I love this!! Can't wait to see where else you visit. The only thing that's left is a cute italian boy ;)

    Roxi -

    1. Hahaha, yup. I would say I'm working on it, but there is no time with the peanut. Such is life.
      Peace, Sarah