Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Well, it’s official… I’m a quarter of a century old. The big 2-5. Veinticinco.

No, I can’t believe it. And yes, I do feel old.

I know I shouldn’t because in the grand scheme of things 25 is still so young, but it still feels weird. It’s weird to me that I’m going into my 3rd and final year of graduate studies (and hopefully school forever!) and it feels weird that I haven’t lived at home for 7 years. The majority of my friends are married and having babies and while I know I’m no where near ready to settle down, I’m starting to feel like I’m supposed to too – which, let me tell you, is no fun.

25 does have a lot of good qualities though. For instance, I can rent a car – and that’s about all that’s new haha.

If I’m being real though, I have been incredibly lucky and blessed these past 25 years. I’m constantly reminded by friends and family about how many wonderful experiences I have had before turning 25 and their reminders keep me grounded.

This year, my birthday will be spent smack dab in the middle of my Camino and I couldn’t be happier about it. Cheers to backpacking through Spain on my 25th birthday and all of the adventures that lay ahead of me now that I’m old(er).


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