Thursday, May 21, 2015

Let's Review

With the weather heating up, it's just about time to officially break out the summer clothing. To embrace the changing of seasons, I decided to head over to Old Navy and cash in on some of the reward points I had been saving. I went with the intent to find a new pair of shorts (which I did - score!) but obviously had to try on a few other things...

Following the footsteps of one of my favorite bloggers, Franish, I thought I would share reviews of what worked and what did not.

The first item that I tried on was a pair of olive green shorts. I have pants in this color and love them, so I am happy to have found a cooler way to wear some of my usual outfits during the summer. I'm pretty self-conscious when it comes to shorts and showing my legs, but I found these to be a nice length on me (5'8").

I also tried on a variety of tops with the shorts. Does anyone else ever notice when they shop that they gravitate to the same color in a bunch of items? I feel like every time I shop I try on 5 items in one color. Maybe that's just me though. This trip I was apparently feeling the crisp, white tops.

Of the four, I chose the floral striped tee (top left) and dot-trimmed long-sleeve shirt (bottom right). The scalloped tee (top right) is super cute in theory, but the oversized trend is not flattering on me. The buttoned tunic (bottom left) was too large and the store didn't have a smaller size, which was fine by me since there were already two white shirts in my "probably" pile... Fortunately for me, both of the shirts were on the clearance rack and part of a "buy-2-get-1-free" deal. (My freebie was one of my favorite running tops in a new color.)

I wasn't necessarily searching for a new maxi skirt, but I noticed this beauty on a rack and am so happy I did. I've already worn it twice after having it for less than a week (outfit post coming soon). This color was only available on-line and is already sold out. (Thank you to whoever returned it in stores!) The skirt is still available in a few patterns found here!

 This maxi dress was great, but I had already chosen a few "yes" pieces. I also already own a black maxi dress, so ultimately I had to say no. If you're in the market for a new maxi dress I would definitely give it a try. The crochet detailing adds interest to an otherwise plain outfit. Add some colorful jewelry or a nice pair of wedges and voila.

 Lastly, I bought this dress. You can't really tell from this photo or the one on the website, but those are tiny sea shells in the pattern. This summer I am hiking a camino in Spain. The symbol for the most known camino (Camino de Santiago) is a seashell and even though I am hiking the Camino de Ignacio, I thought it would be a cute "nicer outfit" for a dinner on the trip. 

And there you have it - a trip meant for one pair of shorts ended up including three shirts, a dress and a skirt. Luckily, saving my rewards meant I spent <$10! 

Have you picked up any new clothes for the summer? I'd love to see what y'all are choosing this season.


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