Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mighty Leaf

Sorry if my posts have been scattered or even rambling the past week or so. I caught a cold pretty much as soon as I got home to Ohio and can't seem to shake it. I swear this happens every time I have a break from classes and homework. It's like my body knows the exact moment I'm done with school and shuts down. Does that happen to anyone else?

Whenever I am feeling under-the-weather, I always like to cozy up with a nice steamy cup of tea. Earl Grey, Chai, Chamomile, I love pretty much every type of tea out there and I always enjoy trying new flavors. My sister turned me on to the brand Mighty Leaf when she shared some samples she received in her monthly BirchBox

The sample included three flavors: Orange Dulce, White Orchard, and Ginger Twist. All three were absolutely fantastic! I'm typically more of an herbal tea fan, but the hint of fruit in these was subtle enough that it didn't overpower the taste. I quickly drank all of the pouches during intense study sessions in Berkeley and had been meaning to place an order for more - particularly the White Orchard. Yum.

The unique pouches contain a beautiful mix of ingredients from herbs to fruit, you name it. You can clearly see inside the pouches too and notice that it's basically like you have fresh, loose tea without the hassle and messy clean-up loose tea usually involves. All you have to do is let the pouch steep for 5 minutes (more or less depending on your preference) and you have a mighty (see what I did there?) cup of delicious flavor. I don't know that I've ever had such flavorful tea without it being steeped too long and too strong.

 When I arrived home to see she had more of the tea, I knew I was in luck. Since ginger is a natural healing agent, I decided to make another cup of the Ginger Twist to help clear up some of this cold.

"A harmonious mix of lemongrass, tropical fruits and mint, fueled with a touch of ginger. A lush and magical infusion," or so says the back of the packaging ;) No complaints here!

So now here I am - resting in bed, sipping some tea, typing this post, watching re-runs of Sabrina the Teenage Witch (free on Hulu!) and hoping to get better in time to go back to work Wednesday.

I hope you all had fantastic weekends and find the time to enjoy your favorite tea (maybe iced in the summer heat)!



  1. My freshman year first semester, I got a real nasty bug. I remember vividly staying all cozy under my comforter and having all the lights off except for these halloween stringy lights I put up around my dormroom window. The orange glow was pure bliss during those sickly days. Somehow, I managed to get sick every single spring break except for my senior year and each time I was lying in bed for a week (it was that bad!). Unfortunately, I missed out on the awesome college spring break experiences :(

    Feel better girlie!

    Roxi -

    1. I think our bodies know when it's spring break (or summer break) and choose to rebel only during those times. Thanks for the well wishes! Definitely on the mend. Peace, Sarah